Dr. E. Farahat

A Gastroenterology Doctor And Irritable Bowel Syndrome Sufferer!

My story so far…

First things first. 

Let me quickly introduce myself.

My name is Dr. E. Farahat

I’m a doctor, assistant lecturer of Gastroenterology, and Hepatology. But this only one half of the story

with approximately 6 years of Medical career as a resident then Specialist of Gastroenterology and Hepatology dealing with thousands of IBS Patients

Also, with about 10 years of suffering as Irritable bowel syndrome patient;

probably, I am the Perfect Guy to hear from about IBS.

In fact, I was once completely destroyed by my irritable bowel syndrome.

I Tried everything to relieve my IBS diarrhea.

And I managed to Control it!

So … How can I help *you* upgrade your life With IBS?

And How can you start making positive changes in *your* life with IBS? — starting today.

It’s called self-education about IBS.

Once I began to self-educate, my life’s been better ever since. 

I learned about every single aspect about healing from IBS.

From understanding what leads to Irritable Bowel Syndrome To Trying every medication and every strategy to relief My IBS pain and Diarrhea.

And I figured out what works for me and what doesn’t work.

UNFORTUNATELY what exactly worked for me doesn’t necessary work for you.

Our IBS is different, no single remedy or drug works for all of us.

and if you want to heal your pain, you have to figure out what works for you!

And the  great news is:
No matter your situation, self-education is how you get ahead of your IBS pain. 

This how I helped hundreds of my patients to deal with their IBS

And you have to start learning about your IBS NOW

The best time to get started?
A long time ago.

The second best time?
Right . . . NOW. 

If you’d like to pursue a self-education, then I want to help you:

Evidence-based tips for relieving your IBS that works.

Gathering the most valuable information and treatment remedies for you.

Help you with diet elimination strategies

Stay Strong,

“Irritable Bowel Syndrome exists in your brain not in your gut. When you know it, you will beat it.”

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